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Novagard RTV 400 Series Non Flowable Paste Silicone

The Novagard RTV 400 Series is composed of single-component, moisture-curing, thixotropic paste products that cure to low to medium modulus, rubber-like solids. The cure mechanism is neutral (oxime) which is non-corrosive to metal substrates such as copper, aluminum and ferrous metals. This series has excellent adhesion to many substrates including metals, plastic and woods.

Typical Applications

  • bonding automotive trim
  • headlight assemblies
  • plastic vent pipes
  • fiber optic lighting

Sealing and Gasketing Applications

  • electrical and electronic equipment
  • cement and masonry
  • and any area where the weather and environment needs to be sealed out.

The Novagard RTV 400 Series also includes two low-adhesion products for creating formed-in-placed gaskets where postproduction disassembly is required.

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Our Products

General Purpose Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant Adhesive Paste

This is a non-corrosive, single-component oxime silicone sealant and/or adhesive. A non-flowable, paste product presenting an excellent balance between rate of cure, adhesion and physical properties. Lower odor than conventional acetoxy cured silicones. Functioning as an adhesive sealant, which develops bond to most common substrates without the use of a primer. This ready-to-use, single-component compound is typically used as an adhesive to bond dissimilar materials, as a sealant for creating formed-in-place gaskets, or a multitude of other applications.

Product Applications

Substitute for Mechanical Fasteners, Formed-in-place Gaskets, Sealing Refrigerator & Freezer Liners, Adhering Plastic Moldings, Waterproofing Electrical Components, Sealing Coaxial Connectors, Protecting Instrumentation Assemblies

Product List

  • RTV 400-100 White
  • RTV 400-102 Black
  • RTV 400-103 Aluminum
  • RTV 400-150 Translucent

High Performance Silicone Sealant Automotive/Industrial

These products offer excellent adhesion to numerous substrates including metals and plastics. They also offer outstanding resistance to gasoline, brake fluid, antifreeze and most wheel cleaners. Specially formulated to retain its physical properties even during service in extreme environmental conditions. This is a smooth paste that is ideal for applications that require superior bond strength and moisture resistance. Designed primarily for industrial applications this product is well suited to sealing and bonding applications within many arenas.

Listings / Specifications: GM 9985557 Type I Type II ; Chrysler MSCD135

Product List

  • RTV 400-110 Black
  • RTV 400-118 Gray
  • RTV 400-155 Translucent
  • RTV 400-195 Translucent
  • RTV 400-202 Black

Automotive/Industrial Blow Out Resistant Silicone Sealant

RTV 400-590 is a non-corrosive, single component silicone sealant that will cure upon exposure to atmospheric moisture. Specially formulated to retain its physical properties even during service in extreme environmental conditions, RTV 400-590 is a smooth, black paste that is ideal for applications that require superior bond strength and moisture resistant sealing in automotive and industrial arenas.

Product List

  • RTV 400-590 Black


Low Adhesion Silicone Sealant

Novagard low adhesion sealants are single-component, non-flowable RTV silicones that cure to a solid rubber like normal silicone RTV except with low adhesion. Ideal for creating formed-in-place gaskets where re-entry or post production disassembly is necessary.

Product List

  • RTV 400-900 White
  • RTV 400-950 Translucent

Fast Cure Silicone Sealant Adhesive

Novagard fast cure sealants are single-component silicone sealants and/or adhesives. These are non-flowable paste products that provide fast tack free times and high green strength. These fast cure products out perform slower materials in multi-step assembly applications. The fast tack and early strength combine to hold the assembly together as the unit moves from station to station. 4-7 minute skin over times and tensile strengths of 150-200 psi after fully cured.


Component assembly component staking formed-in-place gaskets

Product List

  • RTV 400-118 Gray
  • RTV 400-195 Translucent
  • RTV 400-196 Translucent
  • RTV 400-202 Black