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Novagard Solutions

Foamed-in-place gaskets are created by mixing inert nitrogen gas into the uncured sealant during the application. As the material is dispensed the gas expands resulting in a homogeneous mixture that forms a closed-cell foam. The material is then cured-in-place before final assembly of the flange joint. NOVAGARD® Silicones UV cured sealants maintain all of the enhanced performance characteristics of conventional silicone based materials with processing speeds unmatched by other technologies. This technique requires special dispensing and foaming equipment such as the SureFoamTM Dispensing System available from Nordson Corporation.

Ultra-Violet Systems

  • Exceptionally fast UV cure ; Room temperature curing
  • Minimal UV energy requirements
  • Little or no heat generated during cure so parts and substrates remain cool
  • Process or package a part immediately; No racking
  • Transparent/translucent systems as well as highly pigmented formulations
  • No oxygen inhibition ; No corrosive by-products
  • Extremely flexible, high elasticity with a soft touch and no tackiness
  • Solvent Free / 100% solids – no VOC’s to handle or report
  • Adhesion to most common substrates
  • Reduce material consumption by up to 40%