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Novagard RTV 600 Series Silicone Gel Sealant

Novagard RTV 600 Series Sealants are unique addition cure silicone gels formulated for potting and encapsulation. The 600 series is noted for exceptionally fast cure times, convenient mix ratios, solvent free formulations, and non corrosive by-products. Whether above or below ground re enterable or non re enterable Novagard’s 600 series silicones are optimized for junction box enclosures, cable splice kits, electrical insulation and a plethora of potting and encapsulation applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Exceptionally fast cure
  • Convenient mix ratio
  • Controlled rheology
  • Solvent free formulations
  • No corrosive byproducts
  • Variable hardness

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