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Foam Seal

Our “made to order” commitment extends through our entire production process, making sure you get the width, length, thickness and lead time you require!


PVC Foam closed cell structure provides an economical solution for sealing against moisture, drafts, dust while absorbing sounds and cushioning vibrations.

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Durable PVC products cushion against shock and vibration and insulate against temperature and sound. The closed-cell structure seals out light, air, dust and moisture.

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Topper Seal

Truck Cap Foam Tape An economic seal between pickup truck caps and body side rails. Effective for a variety of non-critical sealing applications.

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Effective spacer material which clings to non-porous surfaces without adhesive. Available with and without PSA to laminate to cork or other substrates.

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Compressible closed cell PVC foam provides a long lasting seal against moisture, dust, light while cushioning vibrations and deadening sounds.

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Effective thermal insulator and prevents condensation or moisture buildup on surfaces to which it is applied. Reduces vibration and deadens sound in HVAC applications.

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Log Homes

PVC Foam tape is used in log home construction to seal against moisture, dust and air drafts while being fire resistant and thermally insulative.

Weather Stripping

The insulating and sealing properties of one-sided adhesive PVC foam make it the ideal choice for all of your weather stripping applications.

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