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Novagard Solutions

Our goal is to drive innovative products into the marketplace, providing better sealing and adhesive solutions for our customers. We have focused on building our technical capabilities in R&D and operations by investing in our people and in new capital equipment. We have added significantly to our technical staff and to our to R&D capabilities, which now provides us the opportunity to become the ideal technical partner for joint product development. Some of our successes are listed below.

Our Products


We have launched many new products for the electronics industry. These include alkoxy-cure electronics grade silicones (Alkoxy) with a broad customizable range of cure times, physical properties and rheologies from high viscosity paste to flowable and sprayable products, with UL-rated products for various applications. Importantly, we have developed a unique dual cure technology for electronics, our new 800-560 UV/Alkoxy Dual Cure. By combining the speed of UV curing with the safety and completeness of a non-corrosive alkoxy moisture cure, we offer a unique ability for cure in both the exposed and shadow areas.

Thermal Management:

Additionally, we have launched a line of NovaTherm silicone thermal management materials to facilitate the removal of heat from ever smaller, higher powered electronic devices. Our NovaTherm line includes single part RTV products, 2-part potting and encapsulating products, and high voltage products available in a range of viscosities, cure characteristics, physical properties with thermal performance from 0.3 to 5 W/m-K.

Building and Construction:

Novagard has a long history of supplying silicone sealing solutions to the window industry. Silicone Polymer-Based Sealants for the Window Manufacturing industry now include our Ultra-Low Migration (ULM) product line. Formulated for low migration, they eliminate the potential for migrating chemicals to disturb the primary or secondary seals of the IG window. Our ULM Glazing Sealant is our fastest single component glazing, and is experiencing rapid market adoption. Our stronger ULM High Impact Glazing Sealant is available for locations susceptible to high winds and hurricanes, and has passed AAMA and DP65 High Impact for HVHZ High Velocity Hurricanes.

Further, our new Void and Cavity Filler is used as a reinforcing sealant during the window manufacturing process, or to fill voids, gaps, and cavities inside the assembled window frame. Together with our Ultra Low Migration glazing sealants and our Seam Sealer product, we provide a complete solution for window manufacturers.

Other new products are used throughout the building envelope. For example, NovaPatch Fiber Reinforced Mastic is a trowel-able product for quick and durable repair to flat roofs. Pitch Pocket Penetration Sealant can be applied as part of the roofing system to permanently seal gaps particularly those around piping and air vents. For concrete work, our Parking Garage and Expansion Joint Sealants have high flexibility and are ideal for those applications that may see high strain and extension during service.

Hybrid Polymer Sealants:

In addition to our silicone solutions we have advanced our offering of Hybrid Polymer-Based Sealants. Hybrids offer some advantage over silicones, particularly for those applications requiring paintability. Our NovaBond product line offers a variety of colors for many applications, and is also available as a textured product (NovaBond Textured) to provide a masonry aesthetic along with the water tight seal and resistance to UV and the elements. Our hybrid products are available in a variety of viscosities from paste to sprayable and a variety of performance characteristics. Novagard hybrid technology also is employed in a full line of industrial, transportation, and automotive products across the performance/value spectrum.

PVC and High Temperature Foam:

Our well-known FoamSeal PSA PVC foam products also have been improved. These sulfur-free, low volatile foams have been reformulated to comply with California Proposition 65. Our new formulations do not contain any chemical on the list, therefore special is labeling no longer required. We have expanded our line further to include PVC foams that are effective at temperatures as much as 75 F higher than conventional PVC. These High Temperature PVC foams expand the use of PVC to higher operating temperatures previously reserved for EPDM and other rubber foams. UL-rated with various Class and Type approvals by GM, our new high temperature foams offer a cost-effective option for automotive as well as other applications.

New Products

We have expertise and the ability to develop new products in the following areas:

Development Expertise: We are able to deliver all of these new products because we have assembled the technical skills required to do so. We have significant expertise and experience in a wide array of technical disciplines including Polymer Physics, Polymer Engineering, Synthesis, Chemistry, Formulation, Analytical Sciences, Foam and Cellular Materials. Our technical team includes several experienced Ph.D. scientists and engineers along with subject matter experts in the development of sealant applications for the electronics, automotive, industrial, and building and construction industries. Specifically, we have the ability to customize and to develop new products in the following areas:

  • Single component moisture cure silicones and hybrids
  • Two-component platinum catalyzed silicones
  • UV-curable silicones
  • Dual cure silicone systems
  • Coatings, sealants, adhesives, air and moisture barriers for building and construction envelope
  • Foam and cellular products
  • Hybrid polymer and raw material synthesis

Our People

Thomas R. Maier, Ph.D., Esq., Vice President, Technology

A globally minded innovation, new product development, and operations leader with demonstrated expertise in technology leadership and technology partnerships, research and development, polymer science and engineering, tire and rubber technology, PVC, color science, project/change management, and strategic planning. Tom has 30 years of technology leadership experience. He served on executive leadership teams as R&D Vice President, Tarkett North America and as R&D Director, Americhem, and worked 20 years with the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in R&D leadership roles in the US and Europe. Tom holds a Ph.D. in Macromolecular Science & Engineering from Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, an MBA in Finance and Strategic Management from The Wharton Business School and he is licensed to practice law in Ohio.

Barry Goldslager, Ph.D., Director R&D

Hands-on Chemist with thirty years of experience in a variety of silicone and other product development technologies for automotive, construction, and architectural markets. He has worked at several companies including Procter and Gamble, Three Bond International, Haartz Corp., Red Spot, Inc., and most recently, at Omnova Solutions developing stain resistant acrylic latex ionomers, water base latexes and solvent borne coatings for direct adhesion coatings to low energy substrates such as PE, PP, TPO. Barry holds a B.S. in Chemistry from The Ohio State University and a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Cincinnati.

Yaroslav Barchyshyn, Silicone Scientist

“Slava” has ten years of experience in silicone product development, working most recently with The Henry Company. Key developments include solvent free spray grade silicone coatings, silicone sealants, mastics, and a variety of construction products.

Terry Smith, Senior Manager, Regulatory and Compliance

Terry joined Novagard in 2000 and has driven our ISO9001 and IATF 16949 certifications. He has significant experience in all Novagard PVC foam and silicone product lines, and leads our quality improvement and regulatory compliance efforts. Terry holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve.

Ryan Gertz, R&D Chemist

Ryan has developed numerous products within the silicone product lines including formulating silicone grease and compounds as well as silicone RTV products. He has explored multiple cure chemistries within the RTV’s, including single-component moisture cure materials, UV-curable materials, and two-component platinum catalyzed compounds. He has investigated oxime and alkoxy based chemistries within the single-component moisture cure materials as well as dual cure systems and base polymer synthesis and modification. Ryan holds a B.S. in Biochemistry from Ohio University.

Shelby Wade, Foam Chemist

Shelby develops our PVC foam formulations for Novagard’s Foamseal product lines. She has expertise in adhesives, Prop 65 compliant formulation development, and significant experience in performance testing of our PVC and silicone products. Shelby is a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a B.S. in Physics.

Julio Atenco-Sanchez, Quality Chemist

Julio is responsible for the quality testing of PVC foam and RTV as well as incoming inspection of raw materials and finished goods. He carries out data analytics involving PVC foam formulation, scrap data analysis, and improvements of new products. Julio is bilingual with Spanish as his primary language. Julio obtained a B.S. in Chemistry from Rutgers University, completing research in organic chemistry involving the synthesis of nonlinear polar compounds.

Jacob Perry, Quality Scientist

Jacob is responsible for all ranges of quality control in our plant whether it be testing and collecting data on finished goods, apply problem solving on chemical formulations, or projects creating statistical models helping to reduce scrap and to improve efficiency of our business model. He devotes efforts to both EHS and regulatory compliance. Jacob received a B.S. in Environmental Molecular Science from The Ohio State University.